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Verify or Update your ESTA: Update your information or check the validity of your ESTA Travel Authorization

You may check the status of your ESTA if you:

  • Have lost your ESTA number
  • Are unsure of when you last applied
  • Are unsure if your ESTA Travel Authorization has expired. It is only valid for two years
  • Or someone in your travel group, family or e.g. a colleague are unsure about their ESTA status.

You may update your ESTA if:

  • You have changed your E-mail address since you last applied
  • You have changed your address of stay in the United States since you last applied


What information is needed to check or update my ESTA?

The details needed in order to locate and/or update your US Travel Authorization are:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your country of citizenship and which country issued your passport
  • Your passport number
  • Your U.S. address of stay
  • Your E-mail address

How do I update my ESTA?

You can update your travel authorization if you wish to change your E-mail address or address of stay in the United States. Update your application by clicking the green button located on this page and follow the three simple steps in the online form.

How do I verify/check my ESTA?

You can verify/check your travel authorization if you have lost your ESTA number, you are unsure if it has expired or for any other reason (check out the other reasons mentioned at the top of this page). Check your application by clicking the green button located on this page and follow the three simple steps in the online form.

What should I do if my passport information changes?

If the information in your passport changes or your passport has expired, you are required to apply for a new ESTA. The application fees will be the same.

I made a mistake in my ESTA application, how can I correct the error?

If you have not yet submitted your application, you can correct any error in your ESTA application. Before your information is submitted, the system will provide you with a review period. You can then look through your application and check for errors. If a mistake was made when filling out the passport information, name or date of birth, a new application will be needed, and the $37,00 USD fee must be submitted.

For other errors, such as your E-mail address and U.S. address of stay you can easily edit your inputs using the update function.

How can a mistake in the Passport Issuance Date or Passport Expiration Date fields be corrected after completing the application?

As long as the application fee has not been processed, the passport issuing date and expiration date can both be corrected. If the payment is already processed, you will have to create a new application. When creating a new application, you will also have to pay the associated $37,00 fee.

Applications containing errors and mistakes will be deleted by the system.

I have a valid ESTA travel authorization for my trip to the U.S., but it will expire before I depart from the United States. Do I have to apply for a new one before going on my trip?

No - The reason is because the Visa Waiver Program regulations only require that your ESTA authorization is valid for your date of arrival. You can still depart the United States even if your travel authorization has expired.

I am looking for the regular ESTA application - where can I find it?

If you for some reason ended up on this page while looking for the regular online application, then you may CLICK HERE TO APPLY and follow four simple steps.




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